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Recycle PET

RPET Production Process

Recycle Polyester (rPET), is the reusable and sustainable materials. It is widely use in different sectors, such as clothing, bags, furniture and decoration. It is produced by melting down reusable plastic bottle and transform to new polyester fabric.

Bamboo Fabric

Bamboo Fabric Production Process

Bamboo fabric is the cellulose fabric extracted from the natural growth of bamboo, and is the fifth natural fabric following the cotton, linen, wool, and silk. Bamboo fabric has good air permeability, instantaneous water absorption strong wear resistance and good dyeing.

Cork Fabric

Cork Fabric Production Process

Cork fabric is an eco-friendly materials that extract and fabrication from the bark of the cork-oak tree. After the bark is extracted, the cork tree will renew itself, making cork fabric a natural, recyclable and environmental friendly product.

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